Daniel Mróz

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Daniel Mróz
Daniel Mróz
Daniel Mróz
Born February 3, 1917(1917-02-03)
Died January 21, 1993(1993-01-21) (aged 75)
Residence Krakow
Nationality Polish
Education Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts
Occupation graphic artist, illustrator, designer

Daniel Mróz (1917-1993) – a Polish graphic designer, a scenographer and illustrator, member of the Krakow Group

Daniel Mróz was born in Krakow. During World War II he lost both his parents (his father was murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau). He graduated from the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts where he received a diploma in scenography (with distinction).

He worked as an illustrator for the Krakow weekly "Przekroj" where his drawing appeared regularly. He was also the author of the unique graphic design of the magazine itself. His collaboration with "Przekroj" lasted all his life. He designed posters, covers, collaborated with theaters as a scenographer and was active in the field of typographic design. Mróz illustrated the works of Franz Kafka, Sławomir Mrożek, Jules Verne and Stanisław Lem ("The Cyberiad" and "Robots' Tales"). He mainly used the pen and ink technique and collage.

Daniel Mróz's works have their own, original style - surreal and grotesque. Initially they were inspired by Max Ernst, later their absurdity was associated with writings of Mrożek and Lem. Mróz's illustrations have influenced generations of readers; their style is inextricably tied to prose, hence they were often used in foreign editions of Mrożek's and Lem's books.