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To add new bibliographical record with the editable cover:

  1. Search whether the edition in question is missing from the Lemopedia resources (preferably by entering the title and language of publication).
  2. If you have not found the edition, create a new page:
    • in the search box enter the title of the new page according to this example: Title Language Publisher DateOfPublication (for example: Solaris German Insel 1961)
    • select "create new page"
  3. In the new page paste the following template:
|Polish title=
|English title=
|publication date=
|first edition=
|cover by=
  1. Fill in the empty fields (leave them blank if you don't have the necesary information)
  2. As the first title put the title of the specific edition.
  3. View the preview page (click "show preview").
  4. If everything seems fine click "save page".
  5. If you have the cover of the particular edition in electronic format (jpg, png, tiff) upload it to Lemopedia resources by clicking on the file name displayed in the upper right corner (red link) of the page. Preferred resolution: 300 dpi, width: 600px.


Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.

Parameter Explanation
title the title of a specific edition in the language of the given bibliographical record. For example: Kyberiade (German edition of Cyberiada)
subtitle the subtitle of a specific edition in the language of the given bibliographical record. For example: Zu einer empirischen Theorie der Literatur (German edition of Filozofia przypadku)
Polish title Polish, original title of the work. For example: Cyberiada (list of titles)
English title English title of the work. For example: Cyberiad, the (list of titles)
language language of edition
country country of edition
place place (city) of edition
form form of publication, i.e. book, e-book, audiobook, etc. Default parameter: book
publisher publisher
publication date publicaton date
volume volume numer (for multi-volume editions)
edition edition number (first, second, etc.)
first edition publication date of first edition
translator translator's data (last name, first name); if there was more than one translator of a given work please list them separately using parameters: "translator2", "translator3", etc. If details are unknown please use the parameter "translators"
translator2 last name, first name (of the consecutive translator)
translators this parameter is used when full first and last name of a translator(s) is unknown
cover type of book cover: soft, hard, paperback, massmarket
cover_by name of author of the cover
illustrator name of author of illustrations
foreword author and title of the foreword
afterword name and title of the afterword
pages number of numbered pages
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISSN International Standard Serial Number: eight digits
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number: ten characters
series series name, in small letters
series_nr book number within a series
dimensions width and height of the book