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Characters (Full Index, alphabetically)
Name Class Book Appearance
Pirx Character Fiasco Chapter I
Ijon Tichy Character Futurological Congress Chapter I
Kashenblade Stub-Character Memoirs found in a Bathtub Chapter I

This list is to contain all the characters ever conceived by Stanislaw Lem. However, the lists should, after collecting the names from the bookes, being sorted in two more separate lists: To sort them Alphabetically and By Novel, in order of appearance.

The target is to be able to create some kind of giant group picture of all the characters in Stanislaw Lem's work, which I think would number into the 300s, though several of them do not get to say even a single sentence.

This was why the Class of Character was introduced. Here we distinguish between Main Character (or simply Character), as the main protagonist who keeps the story moving on, and whose actions and thoughts we usually hear about in the narration of the novel.

Next come the Characters that stand in opposition or somewhat detached from our Character, yet remain deeply seated in the decision making surrounding him in his social field, and with whom he shares more than a few sentences. Those characters, unless they also feature in the novel in a decisive role, are Sub-Characters (for lack of a better word), that get to say few words, but nonetheless posess speach.

The last category is the stub-characters, which describes characters that are only mentioned by name and dont get to say anything in the novel