Conversations with Lem English Northwestern 1997

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A Stanislaw Lem Reader English Northwestern UP 1997.jpg

title: A Stanislaw Lem Reader

original (Polish) title: Rozmowy z Lemem
English title: Conversations with Lem
language: English
country: USA
place: Evanston, Illinois
form: book
publisher: Northwestern University Press
publication date: 1997

translator: Swirski Peter

cover: soft
pages: 129 (21-66, 93-118)

ISBN: 0-8101-1494-1 (cloth), 0-8101-1495-X (paper)

+ 1/2 Content: pp.1-19: Peter Swirski. Stanislaw Lem: A Stranger in a Strange Land; pp.21-66: Reflections on Literature, Philosophy, and Science (Personal Interview with Stanislaw Lem, June 1992); pp.67-91: Stanislaw Lem. Thirty Years Later; pp.93-118: Lem in a Nutshell (Written Interview with Stanislaw Lem, July 1994); pp.119-129: Peter Swirski. Stanislaw Lem: Bibliography