Golem XIV English Harcourt 1984

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Imaginary Magnitude English Secker & Warburg 1985.jpg

title: Imaginary Magnitude

original (Polish) title: Golem XIV
English title: Golem XIV
language: English
country: USA
place: New York
form: book
publisher: Harcourt
publication date: 1984
edition: first

translator: Marc E. Heine

cover: hard
cover by: Mark Likgalter
pages: 248 (97-248)

ISBN: 0-15-144118-9

In accordance with the author’s wishes, this English-language edition og “Imaginary Magnitude” includes all the material that appeared in “Wielkość urojona” (Czytelnik, Warsaw, 1973) and also incorporates “Lecture XLIII – About Itself” and “Afterword”, which first appeared in “Golem XIV” (Wydawnictwo Literackie, Cracow, 1981). === pp.97-248: Golem XIV: Foreword; Introduction; Instructions; Golem’s Inaugural Lecture – About Man Threefold; Lecture XLIII – About Itself; Afterword.