Lem's Universe Cyfrant 2013

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Lem's Universe  
Author(s) Jerzy Jarzębski
Original title Wszechświat Lema
Cover artist Anna Maria Suchodolska
Country Poland
Language Polish
Publisher Cyfrant
Publication date 2013
Media type e-book
Pages 220
ISBN 978-83-63471-20-0

A choice of essays dedicated to fundamental topics present in Lem's works. The book extensively discusses the following:

- political aspects of science fiction

- axiology: chance and values

- history of reason

- contact with the alien

- criticism of modern civilization

- relation of natural to artificial

- problem of reading the world

- evolution of Lem's worlds

"Lem's works create a powerful network of interrelated themes, images and texts. Initially concentrating on a specific fragment we move to ever wider shots that, finally, aspire to take the Whole ..." (a fragment of the introduction)