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This is the Lemopedia Profile page of me, Robert Boettcher.

I have founded a Wiki about Stanislaw Lem in October 2013. My user profile there can be found here

Update: I'm as of October 2014 in the process of migrating the information that I have accumulated in to this wiki.

Robert Boettcher 11:27, 25 October 2014 (CEST) Parallel to migrating the wiki I have also started reducing the number of 1733 orphaned pages (thanks to Skrzat the Covers are all in their proper categories, and can be reached from the Main Page by their Category page.

However, Categories are not producing 'linked' articles. For that purpose I have started making lists of all the books (their different covers/editions) and on top of it will produce a list of the lists.

That way we should be able to link EVERY article to the Main Page in some sensefull way.

Now trying a new think, user defined template :D